TCU Sustainability Program


courses offered

Sustainability: Environmental, Social and Economic Issues

In the Spring 2009 semester, 130 students participated in the multidisciplinary course where the homework assignments include producing a video showcasing the university’s various green initiatives and presenting green research posters at the AddRan Undergraduate Festival of Scholarship and Creativity.

Environmental Stewardship

Offered each year in Environmental Sciences.

TCU Department of Environmental Science

The Institute for Environmental Studies at TCU

Chasing Carbon

An applied projects course offered for multiple consecutive semesters in Environmental Sciences to support the Presidents’ Climate Commitment.

Sustainability and Education

A masters’ level course taught in the College of Education.

TCU College of Education

Environmental Justice, Human Rights & Agriculture

Offered by the Anthropology department.

AddRan College of Liberal Arts

Anthropological Approaches to Nature & the Sacred

Offered by the Anthropology department.


Native American Religions and Ecology

Offered by the Anthropology department.

Special Problems in Geography

Offered in Fall 2008, it researched building 25 miles of alternative transportation in Dallas.