TCU Sustainability Program
food services

Biodegradable Products

When disposable food-service items are needed, TCU dining services is using SpudWare, cutlery made from 80-percent potato starch and 20-percent soy oil that biodegrades in just 180 days, and Ecotainers, chlorine-free cups with an inner lining made of corn instead of petroleum that can be easily composted. In the main dining hall no disposable items will be used.


No Tray System

TCU eliminated the use of food trays in all dining services in Fall ’08. A trayless system saves on wasted food and the amount of water and chemicals used in cleaning food trays.


Fair Trade

A few campus locations offer fair trade coffee.


Food Composting

Plans are being developed to use the food waste from the main dining service as compost. The project is a component of a service learning project within and Environmental Science course.


Farmer’s Market

A local farmer’s market set up a market on the TCU campus in Fall 2008. Plans are underway to make the farmer’s market a regular occurrence on the TCU campus.


Community Gardens

Multiple community garden projects are being developed by faculty and students as both service learning and community service projects.