TCU Sustainability Program



Bike repair station


Bike Repair Station

The Dero Fixit station has only been in place for a few weeks now and has already helped many TCU students maintain their bicycles. Come by the north east side of the University Recreation Center and check it out.


TCU Police T3 Motion Transporters

The police department has purchased two T3 Motion transporters to adapt to a more pedestrian-friendly campus, Lt. Ramiro Abad said. The new vehicles have three wheels and are powered by a rechargeable battery, cutting down on greenhouse gas emissions.


TCU Frog Shuttles

The TCU SHUTTLE ( is operated by Roadrunner Charters, Inc. and runs the RED, BLUE, GREEN, and PURPLE lines.


Downsizing Vehicles

TCU’s Physical Plant has downsized from full-sized trucks to compact vehicles and electric golf carts to lower costs and reduce emissions.


Use and Reuse Vehicles

In general, TCU utilizes and maintains work vehicles to the most reasonable extent possible, thereby avoiding unnecessary addition of new work vehicles.


TCU Ride Share Program

University faculty and staff can contact each other and make carpool arrangements through a program called Ride Share.